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Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party

Take a journey to Wonderland and see what life is like in a world where everything is opposite and much MUCH bigger than you.

Bring the charming and magical world to your event, why not meet the Mad Hatter for one of his legendary tea parties, or just escape into the wonder filled rabbit hole with exciting entertainment.

So how far down the rabbit hole will your guests fall? As they enter the main reception area they start their descent into your Wonderland. They will be greeted by Alice and the White Rabbit. The Reception will be decorated and themed with the Rabbit hole & the Beautiful Gardens.

We will have the Rabbits Giant Pocketwatch, A Giant Drink Me Bottle which alice used to grow taller as well as Giant Peep Thru Flowers, Enchanted Flowers and Mushrooms which will have your guests in awe.

A typical package could include:

    • Alice in Wonderland Welcome Sign
    • Star Cloth Backdrop with support trussing
    • Alice in Wonderland Back lit silhouettes
    • Giant Mad Hatter’s Hat
    • Giant 3D Pocket Watch
    • Topiary Trees
    • Giant Dining Chair
    • Topsy Turvy Sign
    • 3D Cheshire Cat Tree Prop
  • Giant 3D Key
  • Enchanted Flowers
  • Giant Ivy Pillars
  • Red Carpet entrance
  • Security Ropes and Poles
  • Giant Flambeaux's
  • Giant Fan of Cards
  • Giant Mad Hatter’s Hat
  • Topiary Trees
  • Room Lighting 
  • Giant Tea Party Tea Cup

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